LK - Sri Lanka

When to go:

 In principle, the best time to visit the country is from December to March in correspondence with the dry season. The lodgings, especially the more modest ones, are fully booked at the most important religious festivals in the country listed below. The most renowned hotels, however, fill up with western tourists in conjunction with the Christmas holidays. They are generally tourists who have taken out an all-inclusive package, which is why those traveling individually will not find a place in luxury hotels or will find it at higher prices.

According to a minority, the second fortnight of October is a good time for a visit as the vegetation is in full bloom thanks to the rains that have just stopped.

The country is subjected to a double monsoon regime:

1) From mid-May to October the western monsoon blows, bringing with it abundant rains that find a barrier in the central massif.

2) From December and March a much weaker monsoon blows which mainly affects the east coast while saving the western one thanks to the barrier represented by the Central Massif.

Temperatures do not know significant annual excursions, the country being a handful of degrees north of the equator. However, if you intend to visit areas of the central plateau, you will need to pack a waterproof garment to defend yourself from the morning mists.

The weather is fickle in Sri Lanka and the umbrella must always be close at hand. In this regard, it must be said that the rains are never continuous, not even during the monsoon season and the sun never fails to peep throughout the day.

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