Travels and magnets – NORWAY

Here is the memory of your holiday in Norway. This post contains a representation of the following places:

NO0165 Aurora Borealis Aurora Boreale, NO0163 Tromso – Aerial View – Artic Cathedral – S, NO0164 Svalbard – Gullybreen Magdalenefjorden – F, NO0162 Svalbard – Spitsbergen – Fjord – Polar Bear, NO0159 Nordkapp, NO0160 North Cape, NO0161 Nordkap, NO – KEEP CALM AND ANJOY NORWAY, NO0001 Bandiera Norvegese Norvegia, NO0002 Bandiera Sventolante Norvegese N0rvegia, NO0003 Altafjorden – I Love, NO0004 Altafjorden, NO0005 Arendal, NO0006 Bergen – Bryggen, NO0007 Bergen – Bryggen (quartiere), NO0008 Bergen – Bryggen, NO0009 Bergen, NO0010 Bergen – I Love, NO0011 Bergen, NO0012 Nærøyfjorden, NO0013 Drammen, NO0014 Finnmark, NO0015 Geiranger, NO0016 Geirangerfjorden, NO0017 Hammerfest di NO00tte, NO0018 Hammerfest, NO0019 Hordaland, NO0020 Kristiansand – I Love, NO0021 Kristiansand, NO0022 Leikanger, NO0023 Lillehammer, NO0024 Molde, NO0025 Molde PaNO00rama, NO0026 Norge – I Love, NO0027 Norge – I Love, NO0028 Europe – Norway – Norge – I Love, NO0029 Norge – I Love, NO0030 Norske Fjorder – I Love, NO0031 N0rske Fjorder – I Love, NO0032 N0rske Fjorder – I Love, NO0033 Oslo, NO0034 Oslo, NO0035 Oslo – Stortingsbygningen, NO0036 Røros, NO0037 Røros, NO0038 Oslofjorden, NO0039 Oslofjorden, NO0040 Oslofjorden, NO0041 Oslofjorden – I Love, NO0042 Oslofjorden – I Love, NO0043 Oslofjorden – I Love, NO0044 Oslofjorden, NO0045 Oslofjorden, NO0046 Oslofjorden, NO0047 Oslofjorden, NO0048 Stavanger – I Love, NO0049 Stavanger, NO0050 Struves Meridianbue, NO0051 Trondheim – I Love, NO0052 Trondheim – Nidarosdomen, NO0053 Trondheim – PaNO00rama, NO0054 Trondheim, NO0055 Trondheim, NO0056 Trondheim, NO0057 Trondheim – I Love, NO0058 Trondheim – I Love, NO0059 Vega – I Love, NO0060 Vega, NO0061 Vega, NO0062 Vega, NO0063 Vega, NO0064 Vega – I Love, NO0A84 – Oslo Norway – Panorama – Harbour – Sea Vi, NO0b84 – I Love Mosaic – Skyline At night – Harbou, NO0084 – Oslo – Norway – The new Opera – House in, NO0157 – Bergen Norway, NO0158 – Nordkapp North Cape Norway – Kirkeporten, FRIDGE MAGNET BLANK KÜHLMAGNET CALAMITA VUOTA

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