FJ - Fiji

Fiji has a tropical marine climate that involves only slight seasonal changes.

From June to September the southern winter begins, characterized by very sparse rains and slightly milder temperatures than the rest of the year. July and August are believed to be the best months to travel to Fiji.

The rainy season runs, however, from November to April. The rains are actually never continuous but almost always interspersed with sunny days. This is the period of the southern summer characterized by slightly higher temperatures which, however, combined with a high rate of humidity, can cause some nuisance which is why it is essential that your hotel room has air conditioning.

Given the conditions of low pressure, the southern summer is also the period during which hurricanes of considerable importance can occur, although almost never of long duration (2-3 days maximum).

Finally, we must consider that there are climatic differences from island to island. Those located in the far east (Lau Islands) have more abundant rains while the western islands (Viti Levu, Yasawa and Mamanuca) enjoy a drier climate with many more sunny days.

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