HI - Hawaii

There are two peak seasons in the Hawaiian islands, the first runs from December to February and the second from mid-June to the end of August. In these periods the prices of tourist services are skyrocketing.

From a climatic point of view The first peak season (December-February) is the worst for a visit to Hawaii. They are in fact the rainiest months of the year and also those in which the waters of the ocean are more agitated. Evidently the price hike is independent of the climatic conditions and is linked to the fact that most people, taking advantage of the Christmas holidays, take advantage of it to take a trip to Hawaii.

The low season runs from April to mid-June and from September to mid-December. These are excellent months and in fact those who can afford it go there in these periods of time taking care to flee before the arrival of the masses. He is also lucky because he can take advantage of the promotional offers that are advertised with fanfare by tourist agencies in Canada and the United States. We Italians should also follow along.

As for the meteorological factor, the thermometer remains on fairly constant values, rising by a few degrees only in July-August and the rains even during the wet season are not so worrying at least on the southern slopes of some islands.

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