BO - Bolivia

When to go:

Bolivia is located in the southern hemisphere which is why the seasons are reversed compared to ours.

Going to the Bolivian plateau in the months of July-August means finding a climate characterized by cold nights due to the strong daytime excursions. If the heating system is missing in the hotel, your teeth will chatter. For the rest, the days are generally sunny, the snow makes its appearance on an annual basis only in Potosí but it is generally sprayed. At most, the “sourazos”, cold south winds, cause discomfort when they blow.

July-August remains the ideal time to visit the lowlands. In fact, the humidity rate during the southern winter is lower and temperatures also drop by at least ten degrees.

Bolivia has various climatic regions mainly due to the difference in altitude. The weather is extremely fickle everywhere and in any season of the year.

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Showing 1–12 of 22 results