GD - Grenada

When to go:
December-March is the best time for a trip. Between September and November there is a risk of hitting violent hurricanes, being Grenada classified among the windward islands in the south. Hurricane Ivan in 2004 was the most devastating.

Territories and tourist destinations.
Urban centers:
St. George’s – Capital of Grenada, St. George’s stands on the southwestern stretch of coast surrounded by beaches considered to be among the most beautiful on the island. Among these, the most renowned are those that border Grand Anse beach, the gulf immediately to the south.
Lance aux Épines – The name of the peninsula on the southern end of Grenada, bordered by numerous beaches. There is the marina and the international airport.
Morne Rouge Bay – South of Grand Anse beach, Morne Rouge Bay welcomes beaches not of red arena, as the name might suggest, but white as snow.
Coast downwind

Concord – An idyllic valley crossed by a branch of the coast that goes up the course of the homonymous river, interrupted by numerous waterfalls.
Gouayave – Located north of the capital, Gouyave is a fishing port with a very lively atmosphere. Various types of spices are processed there.
Victoria – Another village that thrives on the export of spices. From Victoria a carriage road climbs the course of the St Mark River to Mount St Caherine where the Tufton Hall falls are.
Windward coast

Grenville – Greater center of the windward (eastern) coast, Grenville is an agricultural village, surrounded by vast banana plantations.
Other destinations
Grand Etang National Park – Located inside, the park encloses a lake (Grand Etang) which occupies a crater. With its green landscapes, the park is dotted with waterfalls and is suitable for hiking. The entrance to the park is on the St. George’s-Grenville road which cuts the island diagonally.
Sauteurs – Located on the north coast, Sauteurs is a destination off the beaten path. At the eastern end of its bay there are magnificent beaches where, however, bathing is not allowed because of the strong sea currents that affect the east coast of Grenada. The best known of these beaches is “Levera Beach”, in front of the homonymous islet.

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