CL - Chile

Territories and tourist destinations:

Chile is an extremely long country, which entails a variety of climates and landscapes ranging from the arid ones typical of the desert regions to the Arctic ones.

To Chile belong tiny archipelagos scattered in the Pacific Ocean and most of the times uninhabited. The most famous of the islands under Chilean administration is Rapa Nui (name in local language), otherwise known as Easter Island.

      Northern Chile – Includes the regions of Arica-Parinacota, Tarapacá, Antofagasta, Atacama and Coquimbo. Visit the driest desert in the world, archaeological remains and the Andean highlands. The upper part is called Norte Grande and indicates the territory bordering Bolivia and Peru. It is an extremely arid region dominated by the coastal desert of Atacama. Close to the thin coastal strip, an equally arid plateau rises and sprinkled with volcanic cones. The lower part is instead called Norte Chico and is characterized by a transition from the arid climate of the far north to the temperate one of the central region.
      Central Chile – Includes the regions of Valparaíso, Santiago, O’Higgins and Maule. The heart of the country, you can visit the main cities, famous vineyards and some of the best ski resorts in the southern hemisphere. With a mild climate that allows typically Mediterranean cultures, central Chile welcomes the capital Santiago and the port of Valparaíso. Among the seaside resorts the most renowned are Viña del Mar and Zapallar
      Southern Chile – Includes the regions of Biobío, Araucanía, Los Ríos and Los Lagos. The land of the Mapuche. The Río Laja forms the dividing line between the central and southern regions. The lake area is distinguished by its green-capped landscapes crowned by the snow-capped peaks of the Andes and attracts a large number of tourists as well as the nearby island of Chiloé.
      Chilean Patagonia – Includes the regions of Aysén and Magallanes. Patagonia, with its ice caps, lakes, forests and a coast cut by deep fjords, the far south of Chile is a sparsely populated region where coniferous forests predominate. Torres del Paine National Park is counted among the most beautiful in the country.
      Juan Fernández Islands – It is the archipelago closest to the coast which includes Robinson Crusoe Island.
      Easter Island (or Rapa Nui) – A lonely island in the middle of the Pacific ocean, it is home to one of the most mysterious civilizations in the world.

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