KY - Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands are an archipelago in the Caribbean Sea south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica.

To know:
The Cayman Islands are considered a tax haven, in fact in the islands there is an exemption from taxes, it is said to have been granted since the times of King George III of the United Kingdom (late eighteenth century). The economy is also based on tourism, famous is the Seven Mile Beach, a 7 mile long beach of fine white sand, near George Town on the island of Grand Cayman.

They were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1503, subsequently they were a place frequented by pirates until 1670 when they passed under English domination.

Territories and tourist destinations:
Grand Cayman – The largest island and home to most of the population and tourist facilities. The other two islands are called Sister Islands (sister islands) by locals and they are also tourist destinations.
       Little Cayman
       Cayman Brac

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