MF - Saint Martin

When to go:
The climate of the island like most of the Caribbean islands is characterized by two seasons, a dry one between January and April and a wet one between August and December, the months between June and November are also those in which it is possible that the island is hit by hurricanes.

December and the winter months in general are the best time to visit Saint Martin. The VIPs show up the week before Christmas and then leave the place free to hordes of “common” vacationers.

Saint Martin enjoys a subtropical climate, with average temperatures ranging from 28 to 33 ° C. From September to mid-October, the rainy season begins and there is a risk of hitting cyclones with a rather large flow. The annual average rainfall is 1,000-1,200 mm. Saint-Martin has about 142 rainy days on average per year.

The sea water temperature varies between 28 ° C in the months between July and October and 25 ° C in the months between February and April. The sea water is therefore always excellent for swimming every month of the year.

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