US - San Francisco

When to go:
If you plan a vacation in San Francisco in the height of summer, know that you won’t find the sun like in Los Angeles or San Diego (California). The weather is fickle even during the summer and, against all eventualities, pack a sweater and a light windbreaker that can also be used for the beach.

San Francisco is located at a latitude roughly corresponding to that of Acireale in Sicily. The Californian city enjoys a mild climate but not as dry as that of the Mediterranean island. The winters are humid and rainy, the summers, all in all, dry although the fog banks that discouraged the Spanish settlement in the past, are a frequent phenomenon even in September, the hottest month ever.

Very strong climatic differences are found even within the limits of the urban area of ​​San Francisco. The humidity rate is much higher on the Pacific side than on the eastern side than on the bay.

The inhabitants of San Francisco are perfectly aware of this climatic difference and those who have had the good fortune to choose a house in the areas overlooking the Pacific side will not be slow to move beyond the hills, into one of the neighborhoods that stretch without interruption along the bay, sheltered from the mist of the ocean and far sunnier.

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Showing 1–12 of 36 results