IS – Iceland

Iceland is an island nation of northern Europe in the Atlantic Ocean between Europe and North America.

When to go
June, July and August are the hottest months, therefore advisable, however even in May and September it is not bad. Tourism is increasing in the other months of the year. In any case, contrary to what the etymology of its name (land of ice) suggests, the winters are cold, but not so rigid, thanks also to the Atlantic currents. However, the weather can change suddenly, so be careful not to be caught by surprise.

Through the website it is possible to see the Icelandic territory in real time through a dense webcam network.

Territories and tourist destinations:
      Southwest Iceland – Houses the capital Reykjavík and the majority of the population.
      Western Fjords – Populated in a leopard spot centered on the center of Ísafjörður. A rugged land with dozens of fjords surrounded by steep hills.
      Western Iceland – Snæfellsjökull glacier, Breiðafjörður island and more.
      Northern Iceland – Dramatic lava fields and turbulent waterfalls.
      Eastern Iceland – Fjords and the only international tourist port.
      Southern Iceland – Houses major tourist attractions including the Golden Circle.
      Hinterland of Iceland – The interior of Iceland is made up of almost uninhabited frozen plateaus.

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