SK - Slovakia

Slovakia is a central European state that borders Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.

To know:
Until 1 January 1993 Slovakia and the Czech Republic were united in Czechoslovakia. On 1 May 2004 Slovakia joined the European Union.

Geographical notes:
Slovakia is separated from the Czech Republic by the White Carpathian mountain range, Poland by the Beskid Mountains and Hungary by the Slovak Ore Mountains. The only flat areas in the south and south, the Slovak part of the Danube river basin is to the south-west, while to the south-east is the northernmost region of the Hungarian plain, the Michalovce plain. Forests cover one third of Slovak territory.

Territories and tourist destinations:
      Western Slovakia – Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia is washed by the Danube and is located in the southwestern corner of the country, right on the border line with Austria and Hungary. To the north of the capital lies the chain of the Little Carpathians (Malé Karpaty), a series of low hills covered with woods that acts as a recreational area for the inhabitants of the capital. On the east side of the Little Carpathians is Modra, a wine-growing center of ancient tradition and the nearby Castello della Pietra Rossa. Both places are subject to day trips from Bratislava. Other places of interest in western Slovakia are Trnava, Trencin and Nitra, each with a significant artistic heritage and the Piešťany spa, the most important in the country and also the oldest.
      Central Slovakia – The central region of Slovakia renowned for its mountains and natural parks, a paradise for skiers and those who prefer outdoor activities. In the direction of the Polish border are the mountain ranges of Lesser Fatra (Malá Fatra) and the Western Tatras (Západné Tatry) while further south are the Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry) with the Jasná winter sports center. Among the cities of central Slovakia are mentioned Liptovský Mikuláš, famous for its aqua parks, Žilina, with a tiny but pretty old town and Martin with museums documenting on Slovak folklore.
      Eastern Slovakia – The High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry) with the highest peaks (Gerlachovský štít, 2,655 m asl) of the chain, are located on the border with Poland. Their landscapes are typically alpine. They incorporate the Vysoké Tatry winter sports area with lifts in the resorts of Štrbské Pleso, Starý Smokovec, and Tatranská Lomnica. The area is accessed via a narrow gauge railway that starts from the city of Poprad. The Poloniny National Park with beech forests is located on the border with Poland and Ukraine. The villages within the protected area are renowned for their wooden churches. The territory of the Slovak Karst is also a park. The main urban center is Košice.

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