MK - North Macedonia

North Macedonia (officially the Republic of North Macedonia, Република Северна Македонија, Republika Severna Makedonija) is a Balkan state. Some states recognize it as FYROM (From English Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), between Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Serbia and Kosovo.

To know:
Until 2019, the state was called the Republic of Macedonia and was involved in a long-standing dispute over its name with Greece; Based on the Prespa agreement of June 2018, despite the failure to reach the quorum in the consultative referendum of 30 September, the Macedonian parliament approved in January 2019 a constitutional change to adopt the name of North Macedonia and thus be able to subsequently join with the new name to NATO and the European Union. The change of name then became effective on February 12th.

When to go:
The climate is warm temperate, with dry summers and autumns, and relatively cold winters with heavy snow. Therefore it is recommended to visit the country in late spring.

Territories and tourist destinations:
      Povardarie – It roughly corresponds to the valley of the river Vardar which has its sources near the city of Gostivar, in the north-western Macedonia section of the country. After having bathed the capital Skopje, it crosses the center of the country diagonally and then flows near the Greek city of Thessaloniki. The main road axis of the country (toll) runs from its borders with Serbia to those with Greece.
      Northwest Macedonia – West Macedonia includes the upper reaches of the Vardar River where the Albanian majority city of Tetovo is located. Further south, on the border with Albania and Greece are the lakes of Ohrid and Prespa. The former is the main tourist destination in the country. Another interesting destination is the Pelister national park with beautiful alpine landscapes. The city of Bitola is an agricultural village near the border post with Greece, which after about 10 km meets the city of Florina. Also near Bitola are the ruins of Heraclea Lyncestis.
      North East Macedonia – Region bordering Bulgaria. Štip is its main center.

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