MD - Moldova

Moldova is a small country stuck in Eastern Europe, surrounded by Romania to the southwest and Ukraine to the north and east.

The part of Moldova controlled by the Moldovan government.
One of the last places to visit a Stalinist dictatorship; a country separate from Moldova, but claimed by the Moldovan government as part of Moldova.

1 Chişinău – capital – an administrative municipality (Municipiul). A beautiful city to visit and visit for a few days and stroll.
2 Bălţi: worth a visit and the capital. Nice pedestrian zone around the central square. Discover the old part of the city.
3 Soroca – known as the “Roman (Gypsy) capital of Moldova”. The hill on the west side of the city has numerous richly decorated Roma houses. The city also boasts the Soroca fort built by Stefan cel Mare in 1499. It was an important link in the chain of fortifications found today in Moldova and Ukraine along the Nistru river. The hours can be sporadic especially in winter. On the road to the city, 5 kilometers south of Soroca, there is a monument called “The candle of gratitude”. You can reach the top of 29.5 meters (98 feet) by climbing the 600 stairs.
4 Ungheni – city on the border with Romania with a bridge over the Prut river designed by Eiffel.
5 Comrat – in the southern wine area of ​​the country.
6 Cahul – historically the site of many battles, now known for its spa.
7 Orhei – fortified from the 6th century BC, it is also famous for its monastery.

Cold and snowy continental winters, mild springs and autumns and hot and warm summers.

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