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Sightseeing :
Many of London’s attractions are often directly connected to England. These certainly include Tower Bridge over the Thames and Big Ben from the British parliament. His carillon can also be heard miles out of town. Continue to apply both Buckingham Palace, residence of the royal family, as well as the relatively new London Eye, a Ferris wheel, a tourist magnet.

But there are also famous places around the world outside the capital. The circle of prehistoric Stonehenge stones in the south-west of the country is oriented towards the stars and attracts crowds of tourist groups, especially on July 21, when dawn is particularly highlighted by the position of the stones. Nearby is the huge Salisbury Cathedral, which holds one of the latest versions of the Magna Charter, one of the oldest transcriptions of English constitutional law. The cathedral is the fourth largest in England and roughly as old as the Magna Charter.

Hadrian’s wall, 113 km long, built by the Romans in the 2nd century, extends north of the country near the border with Scotland. There are many archaeological sites and museums here. There is also a wide range of industrial cultural monuments, as well as national and natural parks across the country. These are often run by two large organizations: the National Trust and English Heritage. Signing up for English Heritage can save you a lot of money on entry. We recommend that you take note of the conditions.

References: National Trust and English Heritage.

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Showing 1–12 of 109 results