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To know:
Berlin has a more relaxed atmosphere than other German cities and in any case not marked by “rigid” ways (for the Italian mentality, of course) of conceiving everyday life. The euphoria and desire to live that followed the demolition of the wall after decades of cold war have not yet died out. Years later, from that event, the momentum continues and Berlin remains one of the most popular destinations for young people looking for socialization and fun. Techno music lovers find Berlin an ideal destination, also because in the past the Love Parade event was founded here.

Also contributing to youth tourism is the fact that Berlin is not at all expensive in terms of accommodation costs and the city is full of good hostels with ridiculously low prices.

Berlin, however, also adapts to other categories of visitors and visitors, for example families: its extraordinary museums can stimulate the curiosity of their children and accelerate their intellectual abilities.

When to go:
In general, Berlin is full of tourists between June and September, a peak season with prices increased by 30% for housing. The hoteliers charge higher prices also in conjunction with the Christmas holidays and the most popular events reported below. During the pre-Christmas period until December 27-28 the city teems with characteristic markets. The largest is located near the island of museums and the entrance is paid for a few euros per person.

As regards the climate, that of Berlin is defined as a humid continental. The average of winter temperatures is around 4 -1 ° C, that of the summer months around 22-25 ° C, which explains the absence of air conditioning in many medium-high range hotels. Keep in mind, however, that the climate is changing as everywhere in the world and if you plan to visit the city in winter you may run into exceptionally cold temperatures. Emblematic, in this sense, was the winter of 2010 with the thermometer remaining constantly below 0 for the whole season and with peaks of -21 ° in January.

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Showing 1–12 of 29 results