KZ - Kazakhstan

The period from May to the end of June is a good time for a visit. September is another good month. Given the extreme distance from the sea, the climate is continental with little rainfall.

The intermediate seasons are short-lived; spring begins early in the south while autumn dies prematurely in the north. The months of July-August are more than hot and the thermometer is attested at 40 ° and above, but the extreme dryness of the air somewhat attenuates the sensation of heat. On certain days of July-August, however, the thermometer can splash even higher, reaching temperatures more suited to a home oven.

Winters are extremely harsh in the north with temperatures of several tens of degrees below zero. Instead, they are relatively mild in the south, along the border with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Buran is a dry wind from the north-east that blows both in summer, raising swarms of sand, and in winter, causing snow storms (blizzard).

July-August remain favorable months for stays in the high mountains but we must take into account the strong daytime excursions and the volatility of the weather with sudden downpours even in July and even short snowfalls in June.

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