YE - Yemen

– Geographical notes:
The borders with Saudi Arabia have only recently been precisely defined, as they are largely uninhabited territories.

The Hanish islands and the island of Zuqar, the island of Kamaran and Perim belong to Yemen, all in the Red Sea, while the Yemeni island of Socotra is located in the Arabian Sea.

The coastal plains called Tihāma (warm lands) are very arid. Despite this, there are several lagoons, even unhealthy ones, resulting infested with malaria-bearing insects. The Tihāma end abruptly at the foot of the western highlands.

The central highlands are located at a height of over 2,000 m. The highest mountain on the Yemeni plateau is the 3760m Jabal Nabi Shuab.

– When to go:
On the coast summers are very hot and humid, temperate on the highlands. The best times to visit the highlands are March-April and October-November. On the coasts the most suitable period is from December to February.

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