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It can be said that Myanmar has 3 seasons. The warm season is usually from March to April. Temperatures cool down during the rainy season, from May to October. The tourist season is the cold season from November to February. A trip to Burma should fall within the last season.

The country is subject to the action of a double monsoon:

The southwest monsoon blows from June to September bringing with it large clouds and frequent downpours. In this period the climate becomes torrid and in the central plains, further away from the sea and out of the monsoon reach, the thermometer reaches extreme peaks. Unfortunately, the most renowned tourist spots are in this region.
The north-east monsoon instead invests the country from December to April but involves a much lower humidity rate. This is also the period in which temperatures settle at moderate values.
Temperatures can rise up to 36 ° C in Yangon in the warm season, while in the cold season midday temperatures are usually attested on a more bearable 32 ° C, with night temperatures falling to around 19 ° C.

Mandalay is slightly cooler in the cold season, with minimum temperatures starting from 13 ° C, while temperatures in the hot season can reach up to 37 ° C.

In general in southern Myanmar the area around Yangon receives more rain than in dry northern Myanmar (near Mandalay).

In highlands such as Inle Lake and Pyin U Lwin, winter temperatures can drop below 10 ° C at night, while temperatures tend to be very pleasant during the day. Even in summer, temperatures rarely rise above 32 ° C. Near the Indian border of the Kachin State there are permanently snow-capped mountains.

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