SG - Singapore

When to go:

Singapore is located 1.5 degrees north of the equator and its climate is warm and sunny all year round. Heavy showers are frequent, but lasting about an hour. The most frequent rains fall during the monsoon season (from November to January) and sometimes last a long time. There can be severe thunderstorms at any time of the year and a good advice is to always carry an umbrella, to shelter from the sun and rain.

Between May and October, fires in nearby Sumatra can cause absolutely unpredictable dense haze. Check the website of the National Environment Agency for updated data.

Average temperatures are:

32 ° C during the day and 25 ° C at night between December and January.
33 ° C during the day and 26 ° C at night the rest of the year.
High temperatures and humidity combined with the absence of wind and the fact that the temperature remains high even at night can create discomfort for visitors from colder regions. Keep in mind that spending an hour outside can be really tiring if accompanied even with moderate physical activity. The inhabitants themselves avoid the heat for a good reason: many live in air-conditioned condominiums, work in air-conditioned offices, take the metro to underground shopping malls connected to other malls, bars, gyms and shops where it is located everywhere. ‘air conditioning. Follow their example if you don’t want to face the oppressive heat of Singapore.

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Showing 1–12 of 16 results