NP - Nepal

When to go:

The recommended time to visit Nepal is from October to late November, months that mark the beginning of the dry season. The sky is clear and the vegetation lush thanks to the rains that have just stopped.

December and January are definitely “cold” months for those who plan to travel at high altitude.

Another favorable period for a visit goes from February to April, at the end of the dry season and before the start of the rainy season. This is the period of spring from mid-late February to late harpile, accompanied by a prodigious flowering. Some important religious festivals are held in this period.

May is an extremely hot month, characterized by strong winds that herald the arrival of the monsoon. This blows until September, bringing with it abundant rains that hinder outdoor activities. During the monsoon season (May-August) many hotels in the Terai plain close their doors. In this period, insects, including mosquitoes, proliferate and it is essential to bring several repellents with you if you go to the plains of the Terai (south of the country).

The climate varies greatly depending on the altitude, which requires you to pack both light and heavy clothing. The volatility of the climate determines the cancellation of domestic flights.

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Showing 1–12 of 21 results