SY - Syria

When to go:

The best times for a visit to Syria are spring and autumn when temperatures are attested to mild values.

Unfortunately these are periods in which hotels apply high season rates, so reservations must be made in advance.

From the second half of May until the end of October temperatures can be extremely high. Nonetheless, months have seen a certain influx of tourists dictated by the fact that many western visitors can only have holidays during this period. If you come back to this group you will have to take some precautions: air conditioning becomes an indispensable asset in the hotel and also for traveling by train or bus. The visits to the monuments will take place early in the morning and you will spend the rest of the day in the hotel to go out again after sunset.

Visiting Syria in the middle of winter may not prove to be a good idea for the intense cold that dominates almost everywhere.

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Showing all 12 results