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IT – Lake Como souvenirsThere are souvenirs of many locations in Lake Como (Italy).
Lake Como is in Lombardy.

To know:
Located all in the area, Lake Como is also called Lario and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in northern Italy for its scenic beauty and its natural environment.

Geographical notes:
Between the Lombard Prealps and the plain, it goes up to the border of Valchiavenna and Valtellina in the north; reaches Brianza in the southern plain. To the west and east it is dominated respectively by the mountains of the Como territory, which gives its name to the lake in general and more restrictively to the south-west branch, and by those of the Lecco territory, which identifies with its name the only south-eastern branch; the portion of the lake which forms the northern branch is also locally called the Colico lake. Its basin occupies the valley carved by the Adda glacier during the glaciations; well-known mountain groups such as the Grigne, the Resegone and the Legnone crown it.
A short distance from Milan and its conurbation, it constitutes for the Lombard capital (like Lake Maggiore) a privileged destination for trips out of town, facilitated by the A8 and A9 motorways called the Lakes.

When to go:
Coastal centers have an intense attendance in the summer; however, the charm of the lake also attracts visitors in other seasons, albeit in much smaller numbers.

Lierna – It is an ancient village where the villas of the lords of ancient Rome stood, including the Villa Commedia di Plinio, and residence of Queens and Empress. It can only be reached by boat as there is no parking space, it is one of the most exclusive and secret villages of Lake Como. To maintain confidentiality, it is often removed from the maps, the administration reduces parking spaces and has blocked the public ferry stop, there are several international VIPs who secretly stay in Lierna. It is said that from Lierna you can enjoy the most beautiful view of Lake Como overlooking the promontory of Bellagio. There are few large hidden villas. George Clooney defined it in 2007 “as Monte Carlo”.

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