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Lake Idro is a lake in Lombardy and Trentino-Alto Adige.

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Geographical notes:
Lake Idro is a lake of glacial origin on the border between the Province of Brescia and Trentino. Immissary and emissary is the river Chiese.

Flora and fauna:
Numerous fish species live in the lake, including pike, perch, eel and bleak. On the shores of the lake live grebes, coots, seagulls and herons.

Territories and tourist destinations.
Urban centers:
Anfo – Small town dominated by the fortress perched on a cliff. Rocca d’Anfo is considered the flagship of Lake Idro and contains a lot of history: it was built by the Republic of Venice, it was restored by the French during the Napoleonic period and, during the third war of independence, the Garibaldi soldiers used it as a military base.
Bondone – town in the northern part of the lake.
Idro – It gives its name to its lake, or perhaps it takes its name from the lake, as Idro is the name of a scattered municipality that brings together the inhabited centers of Crone, Lemprato, Pieve Vecchia, Tre Capitelli, Vantone, Vesta. The lake owes its tourist development which constitutes its main economic activity. Idro still retains its medieval appearance with rustic houses and lush gardens overlooking the water.
Ponte Caffaro – Hamlet of the municipality of Bagolino; founded by Benedictine monks, who settled in the local church of San Giacomo in the early 15th century. It is located north of Lake Idro in the small plain called Pian d’Oneda, where the rivers Chiese and Caffaro flow into the lake. It is the place where, during the Third Italian War of Independence, the battle of Ponte Caffaro was fought on 25 June 1866 between the Garibaldi forces of the Kingdom of Italy and the Austrian ones.
Other destinations
Bagolino – a mountain village that preserves the appearance of the medieval village, with winding streets, arcades, squares, fountains and ancient houses. Bagolino is famous for the production of Bagòss P.A.T. circular shaped.

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